Aromatherapy massage is the ideal way to administer your aromatherapy treatment. Not only is a massage a relaxing treatment in itself, it encourages the therapeutic properties of the essential oils to take effect and target your specific needs. All massages are subject to an initial consultation where you can inform us of your needs and medical history. A personalised blend of essential oils will be created for you and applied during the massage. All massages can be adapted and tailored to your needs .

  • Consultation with full-body massage (90 mins)   £70

  • Follow-up full-body massage (75 mins)                 £60

  • Upper-body massage (back, arms, face, head

          - 45 mins)                                                                  £50 

  • Back (30 mins)                                                           £40

  • Legs and feet (30 mins)                                            £40

  • Face and head (30 mins)                                          £30                           

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