AROMAREMEDY harnesses the powerful and unique properties of plant oils in personally-tailored Aromatherapy massage treatments and custom-made products to treat clients holistically, in an age where current research clearly evidences the powerful, therapeutic benefits of plant essential oils and other botanicals (see ‘What does rosemary do to your brain?’

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Whether you have a muscular problem or injury, require emotional support to deal with the stresses and strains of life, or want to relax, reinvigorate or focus your mind, AROMAREMEDY will help you find the perfect blend of essential oils to relieve and improve a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.

Aromatic essential oils are naturally produced by plants for their own defence and healing. When applied to skin through a massage, they are absorbed directly into the skin and bloodstream where they are circulated through the body and exert their therapeutic effects. Secondly, the effect of smell on the human brain, body and our psyches is tremendously powerful. Smell is our most primitive sense and when the aromatic molecules from essential oils reach our brain, they trigger memories, emotional and physical responses. It is no surprise then that the commercial fragrance and perfume industry has been going strong since the 12th Century. Everyone has their favourite smells whether they are from the natural environment, favourite food smells or their ‘go to’ fragrances. Smell is evocative: it comforts, excites, revitalises and identifies us. 

Finally, as an environmentally-minded advocate of natural, plant-based products, AROMAREMEDY believes that health and well-being can be achieved primarily through the use of natural products alongside conventional medicine. Treatments and products use only high quality plant and natural essential oils, and other botanicals, which are prescribed as a balanced blend to each client’s preferences and needs. The treatment is suitable for any age group from children to the elderly. All products are 100% vegetarian and


AROMAREMEDY, the brain-child of teacher and aromatherapist, Tessa Goooree, is as passionate about nature as she is about holistic health and well-being for everyone. Tessa has always been fascinated with aromas and fragrances, and since her teenage years has experimented with natural, plant products and essential oils to treat herself. She is also the obsessive curator of an ever-growing fragrance collection.

Tessa is a fully qualified and insured Aromatherapist with a Level 3 (with Distinction) in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, and Level 3 (with Distinction) Diploma in Aromatherapy.  She also practices Indian Head Massage. She was voted Student of the Year 2017 by her clients and the professional body, Complementary Health Professionals, for her outstanding practice and academic achievements in Aromatherapy.

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